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United States Federal Reserve Comic Books for Free

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The US Federal Reserve suffers an economic crisis and the offer the world free Comic Books? Why? Because comic books are cool, and the country that helped start the global meltdown wants to teach the world about finances through the use of comic books, clever eh? Now while your kids might be reading about Superman and growing their imaginations, mine are reading Federal Reserve Comic Books, finding out about the wonderful superhero called the SUPER economic growth from barter to sophisticated systems involving banking and inflation MAN.  My kids can read about the how the SUPER economy can change from a barter system to a modern banking system and fight the EVIL inflation.  Our kids need to understand why we are often freaking out when we open up the newspaper, because the EVIL stockmarket is taking all the good people’s money.  Oh no what are we going to do to fight this EVIL threat to humankind?  You are going to have to read to find out!

Trust me your kids are gonna be so EXCITED (KAPOW!) to read Federal Reserve Comic Books and about the financial banking system and it’s fiscal policies (CHA CHING!) as well as the importance of balancing a checkbook told from the point of view of TWO retired BASKETBALL PLAYERS!  We’re excited, aren’t you?

george bush superhero

(These books are free most likely courtesy of the tax dollars that the lovely people of the United States pay).

Get Your Own Federal Reserve Comic Books for Free
The Comic Book Publications are free  via this link

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