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Wrapid Wrap Gift Card Holder for Canada

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When I first saw this Canada Sample Wrapid Wrap I thought Wrapid Wrap? What kind  name is that? Now that we are pointing the finger, Wrapid Wrap is probably asking why a name like Canada Samples? Why not just We Love Samples or Samples Rule?

In any case, the real reason behind the name is that when we started Canada Samples we had a brain fart and thought well it’s Canada Samples and though we wanted to call this site Nick’s Webpage of Last Resorts, we went plain and chose Canada Samples.

So what is Wrapid Wrap? It looks like basically a card holder for gifts. Too bad we didn’t hear about this sooner, could have gotten it for Christmas.

Wrapid Wrap Gift Card Holder for Canada
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2 Responses to “Wrapid Wrap Gift Card Holder for Canada”

  1. charissa123 says:

    I think this link is toast?

  2. Jeanne Barrett says:

    This sucks no company no product

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